The Latest Men’s Facial Hair Trend: The Monkey Tail Beard

Just when you think trends can’t get any stranger……enter the monkey tail beard. The new beard style literally looks like a monkey slapped a man across the face with its tail and just left it there to tickle his upper lip. The monkey tail beard starts with one sideburn that extends into the beard and wraps around the other side of the face to curl up and over the mustache. At first glance, it looks like someone had a shaving accident, but a double-take shows that it’s a pretty unique beard style. Perhaps the best thing about this beard style compared to others is that it’s easy to fix. All you need to do is shave off one part of the face and add a gap on the other side to create a basic mustache and goatee. While there are a few pros, the cons include most people seeing it as childish, as well as it not being a professional style if you’re going to a business meeting or interview. If you're are looking for a unique beard style that will bring out your lighthearted personality, then you can’t go wrong with a monkey tail beard.