Singer With the World’s Deepest Voice Can Reach Notes the Human Ear Can’t Detect

Singer Tim Storms holds the Guinness World Record for the “world’s lowest note produced by a human,” as well as for the “widest vocal range.” Tim has always had a pretty deep voice. When he was an 8-year-old, he heard a Christian acapella group and found that he could sing the bass notes right along with it. He never imagined that his voice would ever become the deepest ever measured. In fact, he can hit notes lower than the frequency a human ear can detect. Tim says that he is unable to hear the G-7 notes that he’s able to hit, but claims he feels it, and the special equipment used to test his deep voice have confirmed that he can reach inaudible frequencies. Interestingly, while Tim says that his voice never really deepened during his teenage years, but became deeper after he became an adult and continues to deepen, so he may actually break his own record at some point. So what does having the world’s deepest voice mean for Tim Storms. Well, apart from the fame of it and a successful singing career, his ability to reach incredibly low notes has made him very popular in the voice-over business, as Hollywood studios are always on the lookout for incredibly low voices to add a bit of drama to film trailers.