Is This Tiny Apartment the Big Apple’s Worst Property Deal?

A New York City realtor has shocked social media users after showcasing a tiny apartment that costs $1,650 a month to rent. Not only does the West Village studio apartment have no stove or oven, it doesn’t even have its own bathroom. Instead, residents have to share a toilet and shower — which are in separate rooms — with the whole complex. That means tenants had better not lose their keys, since that’s the only way to get into the bathroom and shower. As if the absence of a bathroom isn’t bad enough, the miniature apartment comes with a mini-fridge and only one closet. The astronomical rent for the Manhattan apartment — located on 5th Avenue and 11th Street close to New York University — isn't even as high as it was before the pandemic. Still, it's a bargain — larger apartments in that area can go for upward of $10,000 a month, but chances are they have their own bathrooms.