At Logan Airport, 9/11 Tributes Go Unnoticed By Most of the Public

At Boston’s Logan Airport, some tributes to the passengers who died on the two planes that hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 are plain to see, but they often go unnoticed by the flying public. Those tributes are American flags flying above the jetway at the gates where the two flights departed. The flag above Gate B-32 honors the crew and passengers of American Airlines Fight 11, which hit the North Tower about an hour after leaving Boston. In the neighboring terminal, above Gate C-19, there’s another flag honoring the people who died on United Airlines Flight 175, which slammed into the South Tower. The flags were put up by the airlines in the weeks after the attacks. They fly in clear view of the terminals and taxiways, but there’s nothing to note why they’re there. That’s because the airlines chose not to put up any kind of marker up because they didn’t want to appear to be patting themselves on the back. Instead, they wanted it to be a sign of respect.