After Spending $400 at the Vet, Dog Owner Discovers the Hilarious Reason the Dog is Limping

Russell Jones, a window cleaner from London, had the misfortune of breaking his ankle and winding up in a cast for 7 weeks. Soon after, the 53-year-old noticed that his dog Bill began limping when he took him for walks. Finally, he opted to take the 9-year-old dog to the vet. Attempting to get to the source of the dog’s pain, the vet took leg and paw x-rays, but was unable to find anything wrong. The pooch was prescribed a painkiller and Russell was told to keep an eye on Bill. It was only once the family returned home and let Bill play in the garden that they spotted something interesting: Bill was running around like nothing was wrong. Russell decided to do his own experiment. He took Bill for a walk using his dad’s mobility scooter and noticed that the dog never limped once. On the next walk, Russell used only his crutches, and that's when he noticed that Bill started limping. In the end, it turned out that Bill was merely showing sympathy for Russell and nothing was wrong with his own leg. Apparently, it took a $400 vet bill for Russell to learn just how much his dog cares for him.