Think You Won’t Have To Pay Taxes After a Nuclear War? Think Again!

Imagine for a minute what your life might be like after a nuclear war. Imagine yourself as  clinging to a meager existence after the complete utter and collapse of society. It’s been several weeks since you emerged from your basement or fallout shelter, and you’re now scraping by in a desolate community you once called home. Your body aches with hunger pangs as you ration what little food you have. The few people who have survived are either mentally unwell, hungry, or are suffering from radiation sickness. You’re not sure if it’s safe to go outside, but even if you did leave, where would you go? You sit at home, wishing everything could go back to the time when society functioned, the streets were clean, food was plentiful, and the government was honest……..okay, maybe that's too much to ask. Then you hear a knock at the door. You’re heart is pounding, afraid of what’s on the other side. You look through the peephole and see a man in a tattered business suit, broken glasses, and a bicycle helmet. Who could this be? You cautiously open the door and the man holds up a blue and white ID badge that says “IRS” on it. He asks you if you’ve filed your taxes this year. Sound outlandish? It may sound that way, but the IRS has established plans that include continuing to collect taxes after a nuclear war. In fact, the manual reads: “Within 30 days of an attack emergency, the agency would expect to resume assessing and collecting taxes.” Don’t get too upset. Even if the IRS survives a nuclear war, it’s likely that their employees who are sent out to collect taxes wouldn’t live for very long.