The Swiss Have Created a “Janitor Satellite” To Clean Up Space

More than half a century of sending objects into space has left the earth surrounded by junk. Bits of long-dead satellites, spent rocket stages and other debris orbit the planet at almost 18,000 mph, each chunk a potential hazard to working satellites and astronauts. That’s why the Swiss came up with a plan. Scientists at the Swiss Space Center at the Federal Institute of Technology have developed a “janitor satellite” to be sent into orbit to sweep up debris and permanently remove it from orbit. Called CleanSpaceOne, it will launch in March 2021. Since the start of the year, the company has been working hard to reorganize its industrial team, assessing the know-how it needs, hiring the right people and coming up with a detailed plan. In addition. the CleanSpaceOne project plans to deorbit future satellites at the end of their useful life so as not to add to the existing debris.