Self-Taught Baker Creates Pies So Stunning, They Would Fit Any Thanksgiving Table

Self-taught Helen Nugent calls herself a “messy kitchen maker.” Her pies, however, are anything but. Everything from the pristine filling to the carefully designed crusts is stunning. Nugent says she has baked as a hobby most of her life, giving credit to mother for passing on her excellent baking skills. While Nugent’s career has been in corporate communications, she never considered baking as a career. In her spare time, she started obsessing over decorative pies she saw on Pinterest and began figuring out how to make them. That led to doing work for Food Network, which led to a book offer, which led to a new career. Now, Helen shares her recipes and baking secrets via Instagram, her blog, and the book she has written called Pie Style. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now might be a good time to pick up a rolling pin.