Red Flags Real Estate Agents Suggest To Watch Out For

Buying a house could easily be considered one of the most important decisions we will make, and while it’s a joyful experience to finally get our own space, it also comes with a good deal of stress. It’s more than simply being able to afford a house, it's what we might not know about the house. Fortunately, there are things we can do to mitigate the stress of home ownership. Here are some simple things real estate agents warn to be on the lookout for when considering purchasing a house. 

  • If you bang on the walls and you hear movement, it’s likely your prospective house is full of squirrels. 
  • Go to showings when it’s pouring down rain, then check out the basement. Any water issues will be clearly exposed. 
  • If your real estate agent says the house is “built to code,” that means it was built as cheaply as legally possible. 
  • If you view houses in the winter and there are a ton of icicles on the roof, chances are the insulation is practically non-existent. 
  • If a real estate agent tells you the house is a remodel special and you see nothing updated but paint and carpeting, you have a house with band-aid covering a possibly severe wound. 
  • If you walk into a house and are hit by the smell of Febreeze or air fresheners...well, expect that it probably smells like dogs or smoke when that stuff wears off. 
  • Put a marble on the floor and see if it rolls and where. 
  • Check night trains and flight paths. 
  • When the sellers have stuff hung on the walls in places no one would EVER hang stuff, they may be covering up damage from a decade-long termite infestation. 
  • Look out for a seller who likes to do DIY home improvements. Sure, those cabinets etc. look okay, but are you in for a lifetime of problems? 
  • If the ground slopes towards the house, it means any rain is just going to be funneled right up to your foundation, and can cause some big and expensive problems. 
  • Plug in the address to the state/local Sex Offender Registry. There’s nothing worse than finding out your new family home is two houses away from a pedophile. 
  • Visit the neighborhood late at night. Drive around the surrounding streets and see how comfortable you are with it. Areas that look good during the day can sometimes be a nightmare after dark.