One of the Rarest Cars To Find In the U.S.

A full-Japanese-spec Honda City Turbo II is one of the rarest cars to find in the Unites States. In fact, there are only four Turbo II Hondas to be found in the U.S., and only two are street registered. The Turbo II was the factory “hot rod” model of the Honda City, and one of the first and only production Hondas with a turbo-charger. About the size of a Honda Fit, the small car had a folding motorcycle in the back. The concept was that in crowded cities like Tokyo, where parking is at a premium, you could park as close as possible to work and ride the “Motocompo” in the rest of the way. The motorcycle was fully equipped with lights, mirrors and a horn. Today, a rare find like this would set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000.