“Labor Inducer Burger” Attracts Pregnant Women to Minnesota Restaurant

Since September 2019, when the effects of a burger called the "Labor Inducer" began sending pregnant women into labor, mothers-to-be have been flocking to The Suburban, a restaurant in Excelsior, Minnesota. It all began when Enrique, a chef at the restaurant, was experimenting with burger recipes for an upcoming Twin Cities Burger Battle event. Co-owner Kelsy Quarberg, who was just nine days away from her due date, happened to stop by and was offered samples of the various experimental burgers. She loved one of them so much that she ordered a full-size serving of it. Lo and behold, just seven hours later she gave birth to her son Sam. It wasn’t long before another pregnant woman came in for the burger and wound up giving birth hours later to a little girl. As of October, there have been at least 23 childbirths connected to the Labor Inducer. In case you’re curious, the famous burger contains certified Angus beef, peach caramelized onion, Cajun remoulade, spicy Bavarian mustard, and honey cured bacon, all on a pretzel bun. Yes, you can even order it if you’re not pregnant.