Cat Visits the Beach For the First Time and Has a Strong Opinion About It

Every pet owner knows how different and special each animal is. For instance, at first sight, many cats can look and behave quiet similarly, but when you live with one, you quickly learn that they all have their one-of-a-kind personality. A ginger cat named Pumpkin is no exception. Recently, his family decided to take him, along with his brother Moustachio, to the beach for the first time. Although it could easily be assumed that any cat would love a giant sandbox, it turned out that Pumpkin loves the beach but hates the wind. His owner revealed that as soon as the wind picked up, Pumpkin made faces she had never seen before. Like any cat owner, Pumpkin’s owner grabbed her camera and began snapping photos of her cat’s unusual faces. His disapproval of the wind quickly turned him into an Internet sensation.