Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Rings Off When Washing Your Hands

Over the past few months, people have become aware of just how gross normal everyday items can be. Card readers, shopping carts and handles are all being wiped down and cleaned off because of the pandemic. We’ve also been reminded of just how much filth is on our hands. We pick up particles everywhere we go, which is why washing your hands regularly is such a major movement. There’s one aspect, however, that’s often overlooked — rings. Some people remove their rings when washing their hands, while others leave them on. It should come as no surprise that jewelry can harbor germs. In fact, over the course of a week, jewelry can build up more than 428 times as many germs as a toilet seat. That’s because bacteria gets easily embedded in microscopic imperfections in jewelry. Although your ring might not be transferring viruses after washing, if there are tiny cracks or breaks in your skin, you may be leaving yourself open to viruses that attach to your skin. So, either leave your rings on while you wash your hands, or be vigilant about cleaning your rings more often.