The World’s Tallest Hedge

If you've ever grumbled about having to trim your hedges, just be grateful you don't have the tallest hedge in the world. That title belongs to the Meikleour Beech Hedge, located near the village of Meikleour in Scotland. It measures 98 feet in height and is a third of a mile long. Planted in 1745, the hedge now lies alongside the A93 Perth-Blairgowrie Road and can be viewed all year round. Legend has it that the trees grow towards the heavens because the men who planted it were killed at the Scottish Battle of Culloden. Every 10 years or so, the hedge is trimmed as part of a complex operation that takes a team of four men around six weeks to complete. They're lifted up high with hydraulic lifters, and they use handheld cutters to manually trim the trees.