The Strange Thing You Have To Do To Get a Driver’s License in Sierra Leone

In most countries, all you have to do to get a driver’s license is prove you can drive. Not so if you’re in Sierra Leone. To get a driver’s license there, you're required to play a board game before you can even take the test. The game is called “The Driver’s Way” and requires players to roll stoplight-themed dice and move models of classic cars around a board. They must also answer questions about the country’s road laws, traffic signs, etc. The game costs 60,000 Leones, or about $14, and wannabe-drivers must pay for it themselves. They must play the game at least once before they can come in for their actual driving test. “Most crashes here are a result of ignorance of the highway code,” said the game’s creator, Morie Lenghor, “and most drivers don’t even understand half the road signs.” She added that since most young people hate reading, she thought she would try putting the important traffic laws into a format more “attractive” to them. It leaves you wondering why they don't just tweet them the driving rules.