The Story Of the Dublin Boys Who Ran Away To New York

In 1985, Keith Byrne (pictured above), 10, and Noel Murray, 13, made headlines around the world after traveling from Dublin, Ireland, to New York City, escaping authorities in three countries in the process. The incredible adventure began when the boys went out to play before dinner one night. Keith’s mother said, “Don’t go far, your dinner’s nearly ready.” Keith responded, “I won’t.” That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Keith joined Noel in taking public transportation to a ferry, and then hopping on a train to London. They eventually wound up at Heathrow Airport with nothing but a few coins they had swiped from a charity fountain. They asked a random passenger where his plane was going and he told them New York. They told the ticket checker and security that their parents were behind them, and promptly boarded an Air India plane. Their journey eventually came to an end when they left JFK airport and asked a policeman for the way “into town.” They were taken to a police station where they immediately became the center of attention, thanks to their incredible journey. Their exploits made front page headlines, are now their story is set to become the subject of a new film. Don’t Go Far, written by Conor Ryan, is being developed by producer Frank Marshall, who is known for his work with Steven Spielberg. Keith Byrne and Noel Murray, now both in their 40s, still live near Dublin.