The School of Hard Knocks Has Been Demolished

Most “Boomers” will tell you that they attended the School of Hard Knocks. They went to school, they got bullied and made fun of, they went home and played outside, and life went on. Then came Generation X. They attended the School of Soft Knocks. They went to school, they got bullied, they came home and cried to Mommy, Mommy gave them some ice cream, and life went on. The Gen Xers, however, decided to raise “kinder, gentler” kids, and so the School of Hard Knocks was closed. Their children, the Millennials, went to school, got bullied, the police were called, the city was cordoned off, and the National Guard was called out to hunt down the perpetrator, who was promptly handcuffed, slapped on the wrist, and made to watch videos of Face the Nation for a month as their punishment. The sleeves are bigger now, because everybody has to have room for their feelings. Having an opinion will label you as a “racist,” and having a differing opinion could land you in the slammer. As if that’s not bad enough, the School of Hard Knocks has been demolished.