The Ridiculous Questions That Are Asked of Flight Attendants

A recent survey of cabin crew members revealed that passengers ask some of the most ridiculous questions, and they do it on a large scale. It turns out that while some passengers fail to understand why they are prevented from opening the window, others think "turning down" the engines could reduce the noise. "Please, can you open the window?" was among the most common unusual queries made by uncomfortable passengers, who seem to be unaware of the benefits of a pressurized cabin at 35,000 feet. Other unique questions included “Could you turn the engines down because they are too noisy?" and “Please, can the Captain stop the turbulence?” The survey also laid bare the level of comfort and service some customers expect, with several asking flight attendants “Can you show me to the showers?” While one crew member reported being asked by a flyer to book a massage for a Barbie doll, other attendants said they were asked by a customer to help locate a missing glass eye. Other customers — who may have overestimated the amount of space on their aircraft — asked: "Can you take my children to the playroom?" and "Is there a McDonald's onboard?” Caroline Lynam, Customer Relations Manager for Virgin Atlantic explained, "Virgin Atlantic crew will always go that extra mile to offer our customers the best possible service, but there are some requests that even we find somewhat challenging."