The Origin of the Mulligan in Golf

It’s at the Country Club of Montreal that David Mulligan gave his name to the shot known to all golfers. The story begins in the 1920s. A foursome of golfers played regularly, but only Mulligan owned a car, so he had the responsibility of driving the other three to the club. At the time, dust clouds, unpredictable cars, and the distance between service stations made travel difficult, and the expedition to the country club was exceptionally long and perilous. On one occasion, upon their arrival at the club the group hurried to leave the car to get to the first tee for their starting time. The short period of time between the trip and the first tee shot, left very little time for Mulligan to regain his composure. He let it rip off the tee, wasn't happy with the results, re-teed, and hit again. He called it a "correction shot," but his golfing buddies thought a better name was needed and dubbed it a "Mulligan." Because Mulligan was a prominent local businessman, the term caught on among his peers and then spread from there.