Swedish Man Builds a Bird Feeder That Accepts Bottle Caps In Exchange For Food

Sure, a dog that can bring you a beer from the refrigerator is pretty unique, but in today’s world, you have to think bigger than that. Hans Forsburg, who works with robotics on industrial applications, had an idea on how he could put his knowledge and the family of wild birds living in his backyard to good use. So, he trained the magpies to recycle bottle caps in exchange for food using a machine he built from scratch. Whenever a magpie drops a bottle cap into the designated hole, it gets a treat from the dispenser. The main box contains a Raspberry Pi system with a camera to monitor everything, and there are also electronics and detectors hooked up below the table to process the trigger that dispenses the food. Hans explained that he first had to get the birds interested in the feeder to feed them regularly and to persuade them to visit him during their patrols. In the future, he hopes to teach them to pick up other kinds of trash, like cigarette butts. Maybe this will finally put litter bugs to shame, knowing that even animals participate in recycling.