Fan of “Alien" Movie Recreates Iconic Spaceship Locations in His Apartment

A longtime fan of the Alien franchise has spent three years turning his Barcelona apartment into a faithful replica of the Nostromo spaceship interior depicted in Ridley Scott’s original Alien film. Luis Nostromo — yes, that's his real name — watched Alien when he was still a child, and even though he found it scary, he fell in love it with. The 43-year-old has spent the last two decades collecting Alien-related memorabilia, and for the last three years he's been working on his very own Alien Museum, an apartment decorated as the most iconic locations depicted in the movie. Today, his epic project is nearly complete, and it looks absolutely amazing. No word yet on whether he plans to turn the place into a tourist attraction, but he's reportedly accepting visits from other Alien fans who contact him via social media. So if you’re ever in Barcelona and would like to visit the Nostromo, you know who to contact. He hopes to put the finishing touches on it by the end of 2020.