Coca-Cola Will Discontinue Tab By the End of 2020

In 1963, Tab was introduced by Coca-Cola as its first diet soda. Several variations were made, including fruit-flavored, rootbeer, and ginger ale versions. The company announced on Friday that they will retire Tab, as well as a number of other “under-performing products,” by Dec. 31st. Although the company already had plans to streamline their offerings before the onset of the pandemic, supply chain challenges and changed consumer shopping habits encouraged the company to move faster. Tab was initially marketed to women with the message that the zero-calorie beverage would keep their waistlines trim. The brand reached its cultural height in the 1980s, when commercials featured bikini-clad women with a jingle proclaiming that Tab was “for beautiful people.” However, in 1982 Coca-Cola introduced Diet Coke, and today Tab accounts for only 1% of the diet soda market.