Can You Shoot a Gun in Space?

Are you one of those people who have random questions bouncing around in your brain? If so, maybe this question has banged into your consciousness: Can you shoot a gun in space? As it turns out, the vacuum of outer space wouldn't be a problem in terms of firing a bullet. After all, guns don't technically need oxygen to work. The gunpowder — or whatever explosive is in the cartridge holding the bullet — is completely self-contained and doesn't depend on the surrounding atmosphere. It has an oxidizer mixed with the fuel and is perfectly capable of firing in a vacuum. Even the primer, which is struck by the pin of the firearm, is completely self-contained and will work in a vacuum. In fact, a gun would work slightly better in outer space because the bullet wouldn’t have to push and compress air in the barrel as it exits the gun. Since there’s no air to slow down the bullet as it travels, the range would essentially be infinite. So in short, yes, you can shoot a gun in space, but for everyone's sake let's just hope it never has to come to that.