An Unusual Distraction At a Football Game

Going to any sporting event to watch your favorite teams play, as opposed to staying at home and watching the live broadcast, has its perks. Stadium is all about the experience — the noise, the crowd, the shouting, the occasional disruption — it all adds to the thrill. So, imagine how thrilling the experience must be for spectators watching the TJ Tatran ─îierny Balog club play against visiting teams when the game is disrupted by an old steam train chugging right through the stadium. This municipal stadium in Slovakia is the only one in the world with a pair of live railway tracks cutting through it. When the railway was laid in 1914, there was no football field. That was built later, as the village grew. In 1982, the railway stopped operating, but 10 years later, it started running again as a railway for tourists. Today, spectators have come to accept the occasional steam train intrusion.