Woman Has Traded a Hairpin For a Minivan and Now Plans To Trade For a House

Demi Skipper began a trading challenge with a hairpin and says she won’t stop until she has traded up to a house. The 29-year-old from San Francisco has so far traded a vacuum cleaner for a snowboard and an iPhone 11 Pro Max for a Dodge Ram van since her Trade Me Project began two months ago. Skeptics might wonder if her friends are helping her achieve her goal, but under the rules of the challenge she's forbidden from using cash or trading with anyone she knows. Skipper, who works for a restaurant reservation app, said she sends out around a thousand messages early in the morning and late at night, when her life is in "all trades” mode. Her success has gone viral, with millions of online followers on Tik-Tok and Instagram tracking her progress. She says the key to successful trading is persistence.