Why the Movie "The Hobbit" Triggered Nausea For Movie-Goers

While there are plenty of films that have made people sick for a variety of reasons, none can compare with the real-life nausea experienced by some people when viewing The Hobbit. The queasy feeling can be attributed to the fact that producer Peter Jackson shot the film in 3D at 48-frames-per-second, twice the normal filming speed. At the normal frame rate of 24, the viewer experiences the film in the normal manner. However, 48 FPS requires the eye to sweep up and down faster than usual in close-ups to absorb unparalleled detail on a big screen, causing a significant amount of cognitive and eye strain. One fan compared the experience to being on a roller coaster, while others said the film was dizzying. Critics immediately chimed in, with one even saying the movie left her with a migraine. The Hobbit is not alone in its ability to up the “gross factor.” The films Avatar, The Exorcist, Twilight and 127 Hours all were said to be vomit-inducing. Considering the fact that 3D movies shot at a high frame rate have raked in billions in revenue, it’s more likely that movie theaters will begin selling barf buckets that it is producers back down their filming speeds.