When Parents Realized Their Kids Were Criminal Masterminds

Times are changing faster than we would probably like them to, and many parents can remember the time when we had no smartphones or Internet. For kids these days, technology is an integral part of their everyday lives. Not surprising is the fact that they can easily outsmart us when it comes to using various gadgets. Now, parents are taking to social media to share stories about how their children seem to be masterminds, often coming up with things their parents never would have considered. Here are some of the funniest of those stories.

Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020

Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020

On This Day

1869 - Thousands of businessmen were financially ruined after a panic on Wall Street. The panic was caused by an attempt to corner the gold market by Jay Gould and James Fisk.

Fact of the Day

In Japan, if a working day falls between two public holidays, that working day becomes an additional holiday by law, also known as “Citizen’s Holiday.”

Nature Oddities

When jaguars eat the leaves of the yaje plant, the are affected in much the same way as domesticated cats are affected by catnip.

Food and Drink

Tater tots were invented in 1953 when Ore-Ida founders were trying to figure out what to do with leftover slivers of cut-up potatoes. The product was first offered commercially in stores in 1956.
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