UK Man Grows Tired Of His Chickens Escaping the Coop So He Buys Them High-Visibility Vests

Some souls are just meant to be free, and no matter how bad you would like to cage them, you simply can’t. That, of course, describes chickens perfectly. In fact, there are two hens — Davina and Deidre — that decided to stay true to who they are and refuse to live solely in their coop. Unfortunately, this became a real problem for their owner, David Williams, who had bought the pair for his 8-year-old son as a birthday gift. Originally, they planned to keep the hens confined in their backyard, but Davina and Deidre had other ideas. They wanted to be free and to be able to go wherever they wanted to go. The bad thing about that plan was that they liked to wander around after dark, and Williams feared they would get hit by passing cars. That’s when he came up with an idea. To keep the chickens safe, he bought them high-visibility jackets from chicken clothing company Omelet. Now, the hens are celebrities in the town of Milton Keynes, and residents love seeing them decked out in their protective gear.