“Ugly Duckling” Seal Became An Outcast In His Colony

Apparently, albino seals are extremely rare, so it was no surprise that a ginger seal spotted in the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia was cause for excitement. Scientists working in the area noticed that the baby seal appeared to be an outcast in his community, so they dubbed him the “ugly duckling.” According to biologist Vladimir Burkanov, who is working in the area, the albino seal pup has not become a total outcast, but there are signs of it being slightly shunned. Though he looks well-fed and is very active, the other seals don’t pay much attention to him. The good news is that the other seals have not chased or bitten him. The ginger pup is believed to have poor eyesight, so he’s being monitored by wildlife specialists. If it turns out that he’s completely rejected, they’re ready to rescue him and place him in a dolphinarium.