The Secret Behind Buzz's Girlfriend in "Home Alone”

In the 1990 film Home Alone, Buzz was Kevin’s very obnoxious big brother, who was constantly bullying him. At one point, Kevin, who has been forgotten by his parents when they all fly away for the holidays, is going through his brother’s trunk of personal belongings. He pulls out a photo of Buzz’s girlfriend, housed in a lovely frame. The image is supposed to elicit a laugh, because she’s “beauty challenged.” With everyone today being so super sensitive, it’s pretty much a guarantee that if Home Alone were getting a remake, the joke about Buzz’s girlfriend would be completely cut from the film. Even in 1990, director Chris Columbus knew he had to get very inventive with how he presented her. It turns out that Buzz’s girlfriend isn’t actually a girl at all. Producers knew the movie would have a long shelf life and they didn’t want to subject any actress to that, so they decided to use the art director’s son. Perhaps we should take a moment of silence for all those girls who sort of looked like Buzz's girlfriend back in the 90s.