Singer Worth $300 Million Still Drives a Ford F-150

If there’s one thing celebrities flock to, it's luxury cars — especially when they get their first taste of big money. That’s why you see so many identical Lamborghinis and Ferraris in Hollywood. While not every celebrity is a car enthusiast, nobody makes that more clear than singer Lady Gaga. Instead, the star tools around Tinseltown in a Ford pickup. She got her license in 2016 at age 30, and instead of heading to the Rolls Royce dealership, she chose to buy a mint-condition 1993 Ford SVT Lightning that cost her in the neighborhood of $30,000. For those not familiar, the SVT Lightning is one of the original factory performance pickup trucks, a lowered F-150 with suspension upgrades, a 240HP 5.8-liter V8, and a heavy-duty automatic transmission. Ford built the trucks from 1993 to 1995, and the original trucks have become something of a cult item since then. Aside from her pickup, Lady Gaga also owns a Chevy El Camino and a classic Ford Bronco. Occasionally, the paparazzi catches her behind the wheel of her Ford pickup, which is always cause for photos on Instagram.