NYC Bus Driver Takes the Bus For a Joy Ride to Florida, But Manages to Keep His Job

Everybody enjoys a story about someone defiantly walking away from the restrictive demands of normal life, no matter how briefly. One of the best stories of defiance is the story of NYC bus driver William Cimillo. In 1947, the 38-year-old got into his bus for what was expected to be a routine route, but instead, he just kept on driving……..all the way to Florida. Cimillo became a national hero, appearing on radio and TV to tell his story once he was back in the city and allowed to keep his job. Cimillo said he had been on the job about 20 years and really got tire of the same old routine day in and day out. That’s when he got the idea of changing his route a little bit…….okay, a lot. About two weeks after taking off, he was arrested in Hollywood, Florida. Then, in 1958, New York Times announced plans by Elizabeth Taylor and her stepson Michael Todd to make a movie about Cimillo and Bus 1310, called "Busman’s Holiday." Taylor was to play a beauty pageant winner who joined the bus driver on his journey, and was to make her singing debut in the picture. Unfortunately, the film was never made and nobody seems to know why. As for Cimillo, he didn’t even get to live out his dream retirement in Florida, as he passed away in 1975 at the age of 65.