Mercedes-Benz’s New Car is a Hot Mess

Who would ever have thought that the luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz would wind up designing a car that brings to mind the Nissan Cube — nicknamed the “toaster." The German luxury car maker has teamed up with designer Virgil Abloh to create the Geländewagen — better known as the G-Wagon. The usual body exterior of the car has been exaggerated, and the paint is designed to look old and rusty. Inside the cabin, the G-Wagon has been retro-fitted with racing gear from the Mercedes-Benz racing team. You get a full roll-cage, as well as a racing steering wheel and bucket seats. It’s more of a four-wheeled work of art than something you would drive to the grocery store. A working model of the car will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s in October, and the winner will not only get the car, but some one-on-one time with the creative minds behind the car. Love it or hate it, it’s certainly something new for Mercedes-Benz.