Man of the Hole

There’s an indigenous Brazilian man who’s believed to be the last member of his tribe. The man, nicknamed “the Man of the Hole,” has been spotted in the state of Rondônia. FUNAI — Brazil’s indigenous affairs department, which monitors uncontacted people — spotted the man chopping trees with an axe. To protect him from external threats, FUNAI has been keeping tabs on the man from a distance for the past 24 years. In the 1980s, farmers, illegal loggers and land-grabbers encroached on the territory of isolated tribes, and many indigenous people were expelled from their land or killed. During an attack in 1995, the remaining members of the Man of the Hole’s already small tribe were killed, leaving him as the sole survivor. Neither the name of his tribe nor the language he speaks is known. FUNAI has tried to make contact with the man, but he has always resisted, sometimes shooting arrows at them. The agency stopped making attempts in 2005, but still monitor him from afar. They also leave tools and seeds for planting, which he has used. The man got his nickname from the huge holes he has dug in the forest, either for trapping animals or for hiding.