Man Finds a Swimming Pool Hidden In the Backyard of a House He Bought For $20,000

The only thing better than finding a pot of gold in your backyard is stumbling across a hidden swimming pool. When 35-year-old nurse John Reynolds bought a dilapidated 3-bedroom house for $20,000, he was planning on flipping it for a profit. The last thing he expected to find was a 40,000-gallon swimming pool buried under his nose. It just so happens that a torrential downpour washed away some of the dirt in his garden and he was stunned to find what he’d been sitting on. After spending $10,000 to fix up the pool over an 18-month period, he now has a stunning swimming pool that has increased the value of his home by $40,000. Now, however, John has decided to remain in the house he has remodeled and will be enjoying summer days lounging in his new pool.