It Takes 5 Days To Complete the World’s Longest Golf Course

There are some long golf courses out there — some covering over 8,000 yards — but they all seem tiny when compared to the world’s longest golf course, which spans a whopping 850 miles. Nullabor Links is an 8-hole par-72 golf course that stretches along the Eyre Highway, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Legend has it that the course was created by two golf enthusiasts looking for a way to keep tourists along Eyre Highway in the area for longer. Their concept is one that continues to grow in popularity. Nullabor Links consists of 7 holes from existing courses and 11 holes created at roadhouses and road stops along Eyre Highway. The average distance between holes is 41 miles, and the longest distance between two consecutive holes is about 125 miles. Playing a hole — then getting in a car and driving 93 miles and then playing another hole, in a golfing event that spans over five days on average — is a concept that many don’t understand, but those who have completed the course will tell you that it's an experience like no other.