How The Jetsons Predicted the Future

One of the many fascinating cartoons from the past is The Jetsons, mainly because of an element contrary to other animations: the future. The makers of the cartoon imagined what the world would look like in 2062 through the lifestyle of its characters George Jetson, his son Elroy, his daughter Judy, and his wife Jane — and we can't forget the family’s space dog, Astro, and their robot maid Rosie. It’s not 2062 yet, but there are some feats seen in many of their episodes that are already happening now, just as the show predicted. Honda’s Asimo is a robot that can walk, talk and interact with humans, just like Rosie the maid. Just as in the cartoon, we now have jetpacks, video chat, flat-screen television sets, dog treadmills, smart watches, and even flying cars. We may not have things down to a science yet, but you can sure bet that by 2062 we will.