Grade School Dropout Works As a Doctor 4 Years Before Being Exposed As a Fraud


At just 23-years-old, Dr. Veeragandham Teja had already worked in 16 private hospitals, conducted several medical camps, and had volunteered with Bengaluru police and local migrant workers during the pandemic. Not a bad record for any doctor, let alone a 5th grade dropout with no medical education and little training. Teja’s luck ran out when he was exposed as a fraud after four years of posing as a doctor. What got him in the end was a double whammy. First, his wife filed for a restraining order against him for mental and physical abuse. Then, the “doctor” made the mistake of making a recommendation to police to cancel a person’s criminal record, only to then be spotted driving that person’s SUV. All it took was a bit of digging and police uncovered a web of lies going back over a decade, false degrees and certificates, and several aliases. Their conclusion was that Teja’s career — and pretty much all of his life, for that matter — was a fabrication. Interestingly, if it weren't for the restraining order and Teja’s recommendation, the wannabe doctor would still be practicing medicine without a care in the world.