Boston’s Sidewalks Are Covered In Secret Poems

Clouds normally spell bad news for pedestrians, but for those in Boston, a shower uncovers a secret: Poems stenciled in waterproof paint and revealed by the rain. “Raining Poetry” is a collaboration between City Hall and the nonprofit Mass Poetry. Together, they’re bringing secret art to the streets. Langston Hughes hides outside an unassuming cafe in Dudley Square, while local poet Barbara Helfgott Hyett’s work shows up in Roslindale. Members of the Mayor’s Mural Crew, a city-sponsored youth group that helps to create public art, have been installing the poems in batches since the first day of April. Organizers plan to keep adding more, and in a variety of languages. “Our hope is that in the next two years, everyone in the state will encounter a poem in their daily lives, at least once or twice a month,” said Mass Poetry’s Program Director, Sara Siegel.