A 12-Year-Old Girl Redecorates Her Family Home In a Week For Just $125

Susie Levache from Kent, UK, says her daughter Bea is determined, rebellious, fun and creative, so it was pretty natural that she wanted to make use of her extra free time during lockdown. To teach Bea a lesson in time management, Susie asked her to measure a wall that she was going to panel. She then showed Bea how to use the workbench and hand saw, and before she knew it, the 12-year-old had completed the paneling in the room. Soon, Bea decided to make her way around the rest of the home, and Susie was happy to supervise the work. “In terms of our budget, it was actually very little because we already had timber, glue, paints and old handles, so in real terms, we spent about $125 on extra items,” Susie explained. “We either raided the attic or painted stuff from other rooms to give it a new lease on life.” The pair finished the house remodel in about 10 days, but they’re planning even more improvements in the future.