Woman Learns To Fly In Order To Break Her Husband Out of Prison

Michel Vaujour (pictured below), from the Saint-Quentin-le-Petit region of France, began his criminal life at the age of 17 and had been jailed 10 times by the time his reached his 30s. During his time in prison, he had attempted to escape three times, but had failed each time. So, in 1986, when he was sentenced to 18 years for armed robbery and attempted murder of a police officer, Michel was sent to France’s Prison de la Santé, where many of France's most famous and dangerous prisoners are kept under high security. Michel’s wife Nadine, however, had other plans for her husband. In order to break Michel out of prison, she began taking helicopter lessons at $300 an hour for six months. When the planned day of escape came, Michel forced his way onto the prison’s roof by brandishing nectarines that had been painted to look like hand grenades. As the helicopter hovered overhead, a machine-gun waving accomplice slid down a cable and put it over Michel, who was then lifted up to the helicopter. Nadine whisked him away to a football field where they landed and drove way in a waiting car. The couple even managed to stop and pick up their daughters, 5 and 12, from Nadine’s mother, even though the family was under police surveillance. Unfortunately, while he was out Michel, along with two of his friends, attempted another bank robbery. This time, Michel failed and was shot in the head. He survived, was taken back to prison, and had another 28 years added onto his sentence. Nadine was discovered and arrested in southwestern France.