Why Does This Incredibly Rare Dog Breed Have Two Noses?

On a trip to Bolivia a few years ago, explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell met a dog named Xingu who had two noses. Xingu was a rare Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hound, a breed named for their unusual split (or doubled) nose. Many people believe that the split nose increases their scent abilities, while others believe it to be a hindrance. Despite its name, the supposed "double-nose" appears to be a normal nose, but with the nostrils separated by a band of skin and fur. Blashford-Snell believes there’s a chance these dogs came from a breed that’s known in Spain as Pachon Navarro, which were hunting dogs at the time of the Conquistadors. “It’s highly likely some of these were taken to South America, where they continued to breed,” said Blashford-Snell. Xingu was taken to a vet early on and it was confirmed that he was not born with a cleft palate, but that the double nose was a fully functional nose.