What Happens to Solar Energy if the Power Goes Out?

Power loss due to severe storms has plagued homeowners since the advent of electricity, but have you ever wondered what happens to people with solar energy when the power goes out? Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy in order to create DC (direct current) electricity. However, since most houses run on AC (alternate current) electricity, DC is converted to AC through an inverter. Once solar energy is converted to AC, it powers your home. Therefore, solar panels can't serve as a backup if AC goes out during severe storms. Backup batteries can be installed, but a solar powered backup system isn’t worth the price because technology hasn’t caught up enough to provide a good cost-to-benefit ratio. In fact, a backup battery can increase the cost by 30%-50%. They also require significant maintenance, as well as replacement every 7-10 years. Although a solar panel system won't function during a power outage, solar panel installation is overall a lucrative investment that helps cut down on your energy costs.