What Do You Do With 1.7 Million Pounds Of Leftover Nuts?

A Texas food company is scrambling to sell more than 1.7 million pounds of nuts after American Airlines and United canceled their orders due to COVID-19. For 30 years, GNS Nuts has supplied airlines with millions of pounds of mixed nuts, which they heat and serve to First Class passengers. When the airlines changed their food and beverage policies due to the pandemic, the company was left with millions of nuts and no customers. The company’s only choice was to move the nuts online and sell them at-cost………with surprising success. The nut mixes are now available online through greatnuts.com. Customers can choose from First Class Mixed Nuts — almonds, cashews, pecans, and pistachios — or the Aloha Mix — cashews, almonds, piƱa colada pecans, and diced pineapple — which is served on flights to Hawaii. GNS hopes to sell the nuts and at least break even, which would give them a chance of being profitable going forward. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t believe their product will be back in airline cabins, even after the pandemic.