The World’s Most Expensive Face Mask

Since face masks have become a requirement in many places, people are on the hunt for just the right mask — one that will allow them to breath easily, yet protect them from coronavirus droplets. While single masks today can range anywhere from $3 to $30, there’s one mask that comes with a $1.5 million price tag. Israeli jewelry company Yvel has created a mask that’s fitted with an N99 filter, constructed with 18-karat while gold and decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds. The owner happens to be a Chinese businessman living in the United States, but his identity remains confidential, for obvious reasons. The glitzy mask may lend some pizzazz to the protective gear, but at almost a pound — nearly 100 times the weight of a typical surgical mask — it’s not a practical accessory. In the end, the mask is nothing more than a signal that the owner has more money than he knows what to do with.