The Unique Name of Ollie’s Last Pub

Oliver Reed is an actor well known for his roles in such films as Gladiator, The Three Musketeers, Tommy and Two of a Kind. In 1999, while filming the movie Gladiator, Reed got into a drinking match with some young sailors at a bar called The Pub in Malta. It’s reported that he downed 8 pints, 12 double rums, and half a bottle of whiskey. His bar bill totaled almost $600. Unfortunately, he suddenly collapsed, dying in the ambulance en route to the hospital. He was 61 years old. In honor of Reed, the owners of The Pub changed the name of the bar to "Ollie’s Last Pub". Above Reed’s favorite seat are photos of him in roles, a poster from The Trap, newspaper clippings, and messages left by his fans. Today, Ollie's Last Pub become a shrine to Reed, where people come to toast to the memory of the actor.