The "Suicide Plant" Has the Most Painful Stingers in the World

There are plenty of plants that are to be avoided, but there’s one unforgiving plant that will make you feel pain for years. The gympie gympie plant's stinging nettles are so powerful that anyone who touches it will immediately vomit, and can literally leave you in pain for years. That’s why it has been nicknamed the “suicide plant.” The pain you will experience after touching it has been described as like being burned by hot acid and electrocuted at the same time. You don’t even have to actually touch the plant to experience its wrath. An extremely fine fuzz of poisonous needles coats the entire plant, and it sheds like a cat in the summertime. That’s what makes it disturbingly easy to get stung just by standing near one. If you're stung by the plant, you can't just pluck the needles out with tweezers because  they're too fine and too dense. One of the best solutions is to rip them all out at once with hot wax. However, be careful — if any of the hundreds of stingers stuck in your skin breaks off, you’ll be in for years of pain. So, if you're exploring the rainforest of eastern Australia, do so very carefully and avoid the gympie gympie at all cost.