The Presidential Limo Comes With a Fridge Full of Blood

The presidential limo — designed to look like a stretch version of a Cadillac XT6 sedan — is equipped to help the commander in chief survive virtually every possible form of attack by terrorists and assassins. If the president is injured, the “Beast” has an extensive range of medical supplies on board, including a refrigerator full of the president’s own blood type. The walls of the limousine are eight inches thick, with 5-inch multi-layer windows that make the doors as heavy as those on a Boeing 757. It’s also equipped with run-flat tires inside extra-large wheel wells so the Beast can keep running in an emergency. It can put out a smokescreen, fire tear gas, and lay down an oil slick to send vehicles chasing it out of control. Even the door handles are electrified to shock those who try to get inside. The Beast is traditionally backed up by a convoy of protective vehicles and a phalanx of Secret Service officers. There’s also a back-up limo and a special communications vehicle.