Shelter Pit Bull Thinks He’s a Cat, and His New Family Keeps Posting Photos That Prove It

Not only are dogs social creatures that like being part of a pack, they’re also quick learners and can adapt quickly to new environments. Mako the pit bull is a perfect example of that… kind of an unusual way. When Mako was adopted from a shelter, his new owners wondered if the 2-year-old pit bull would get along with their cats. What they soon found out is that not only did Mako adjust to the cats, he became one of them. The cats would jump on the counter, and so did Mako. Whatever the cats did, Mako did. What’s really strange is, he doesn’t bark, eats cat treats, and naps just as much as the cats. Now, the owners think Mako really believes he IS a cat. How else could they explain a pit bull on top of the refrigerator?