Photographer Finds A Surprise Visitor When Checking Pictures On His Wildlife Camera

When conservation photographer and wildlife tracker Jeff Wirth was out exploring a wetland created by beavers near his house, he noticed a large downed tree that had several piles of bobcat scat on it. The next day, he returned with a camera trap in hopes of capturing images of the bobcat. When he retrieved the camera a couple of days later, Wirth was hoping to find pictures of a bobcat. Instead, he ended up with an image of a surprise passerby that made him laugh out loud. Wirth said he was extremely grateful that the man didn’t steal or damage his equipment, being content to simply pose for the camera. Wirth posted the photo online and before long the mystery man found the post on Twitter and texted Wirth. It turns out that he was doing invasive plant management along the creek where Wirth had set up his wildlife camera. As luck would have it, Wirth also managed to capture an image of the bobcat he was after.